Paypal Language Difficulties?

Hi, This is my first post here so please be gentle with me if I’ve missed something silly…:rolleyes:

I’ve installed cscart for a client, well two actually. Both clients integrate with paypal and both can get as far as paying at paypal without any problems.

One site is integrated with an English paypal account and the other is with a Spanish paypal account, though their CSCart site is actually written and configured in English. With the 2nd client, I am having an intermitent problem whereby after paypal states payment has been made, by pressing the ‘continue’ button the user is taken back into the cscart site but to a page which states 'error; Unfortunately we cannot locate this page for you. ’ (it’s an exception page ‘access denied’). The strange thing is, it does sometimes work (i.e. it does sometimes go to the invoice on the cscart site), though mostly not.

Can anyone please help? :confused: Is it anything to do with Spanish Paypal because the one routing through UK paypal works fine??!

Many thanks,