Paypal Issue

I don’t know if this is a CS-Cart problem or not but I’d like some help in troubleshooting the issue. This is my second order place. The first one processed fine.

Customer placed order using Paypal Standard with credit card. No Paypal account, said all info on card matched info placed in checkout form. I sent an invoice for payment and it worked fine. I didn’t get any error info from her other than it would’nt take her card.

I checked my settings in Paypal to see if any payments might be refused, the only one I have checked to refuse is for student accounts (under 18) and I seriously doubt cust is under 18.

How can I troubleshoot this?


Your story is a bit confusing. If I understand correctly, paypal didn't accept her card?

Yes, that's correct. A few hours later, I sent her a Paypal invoice and it went through that way just fine.

Sorry about the confusing part, it's all makes sense to me, lol!