Paypal Iframe Advanced Av Paypal Advanced

We were using in our cs-cart for a long time the Paypal iframe Advanced. This payment works efficiently by opening an iframe / popup window that connection to paypal and allow you to use different cards to pay.
HOWEVER, from many client feedback we received, due to the enforced paypal big logo, that paypal not allow you to modify, client think that they need to have a paypal account in order to pay. Many of these confused client do not want to have a paypal account and due to that, then cancel the order.
Because of that, we decided to move to Paypal Advanced. This paypal option will have the payment window embedded in the checkout page (not a popup) and will look as if it is a part of your cart. This option will not confuse the client and they will easily place the order.
As good as this solution is, we sadly discovered that this paypal connection do not perform as it needs to. It will not send all the product information to paypal, so on paypal side will be missing the actually products names and descriptions of the order. it will only show the total amount and customer information.
Also, at the cart side, in the order pages, the paypal transaction information is missing. This means that the cart also do not receive the full information back from paypal (see attachment)
In all, it is a great payment solution but sadly with a crucial bug.
Can you please fix this please.
Thank you.