Paypal Express Checkout Surcharge On The Cart Page

I need to change from PayPal standard to Express but there is one problem. Surcharge is calculated already on the cart page so the customers who do not want to use this method are really confused with a surcharge field and total amount (althougt it says PayPal Express surcharge). Is there any way to show the surcharge only if they want to use PayPal express checkout option? like on the payment options page?

Hello! Please clarify what version you use. There is no surcharge field on the cart page in the latest version by default.



I use latest 4.9.3 SP1.

Also to be sure I doublechecked on your demo store. It has the same problem.

Probably you did not confure any surcharge that is why it does not appear on the cart.

PayPal Express surcharge configuration:

Surcharge on cart page appears by default if PayPal Express surcharge is active. But the same time there are other payment options without surcharge. It creates confusion. Nobody will read and think or guess what this surcharge is for, they will just leave.