Paypal Express Checkout just reloads cart

Hi, when viewing the cart contents, there is an option to pay using Paypal Express Checkout.

However, clicking the button simply reloads the page and customer does not go anywhere. (The file being accessed seems to be cscart/app/payments/paypal_express.php.

If customer initiates Paypal Express Checkout via the “Proceed to Checkout” process, it works fine. It also works afterwards when viewing the cart and clicking Paypal Express Checkout button. It just does not work initially.

It looks like something is wrong in the session management of cscart/app/payments/paypal_express.php


I have same problem…just goes to a blank page.

This issue requires detailed examination directly on your server. Please contact CS-Cart support team or hire someone from this forum (us) to examine and fix the issue. It is hard to troubleshoot this virtually