Paypal Express Checkout Integration Cs-Cart Logos And Wording

I wondered if there is anyone else out there with this issue I am having.

I would like CS-Cart to ideally look at amending this feature in the future.

The problem I have noticed is that when PayPal account details are entered by the vendor in the PayPal integration tool, a message comes up confirming that the vendor has successfully signed up. This message has the CS.Cart logo and the link reads ‘Go back to CS-Cart’.

I would like to remove as much information as I can about the multi vendor software provider from my site. Ideally, I would like to either remove the reference to CS-Cart and logos and replace with generic wording 'Go back to website' or to remove the redirection functionality so this message is not displayed at all.

Please see the attached screenshot.

Good day! Unfortunately no images were attached to the message