Paypal Express Checkout Bug?

We're not sure this is a bug or not, but when we enable “PayPal Express Checkout” and the PayPal “Checkout with PayPal” button is automatically added to the cart page, when clicked it bypasses the shipping cost, goes right to the PayPal payments page and so the total is incorrect and without shipping. Does anyone have a fix for this? BTW we're using 4.1.5.

Goes to paypal page then back. Checkout is complete in your website not paypal. Information about buyer is collected from paypal. That is why its called express, so buyer would not need to type his details in your checkout.

Customer goes to PayPals site and signs in then is transferred back to your site and all their info is automatically entered.

The customer then finishes on your site including shipping.

We reported this issue to CS-Cart and here's their reply:

“Unfortunately, it seems that it is caused by a bug in the current version of CS-Cart. In order to apply the fix please replace the following line of code:


with this one:

$_SESSION['cart']['user_data'] = fn_array_merge($_SESSION['cart']['user_data'], $_REQUEST['user_data']);in the app/controllers/frontend/profiles.php file of your CS-Cart installation.”