PayPal Express Checkout broken

Of course something happened, but I don’t know what. We have received orders the past few days (and for years), but this morning it’s broken and now users get the ‘security header not valid’ and order never processes. I have no idea what might have changed, as I have double-checked our payment method configuration for user, signature, etc. Any ideas or a way I can completely start over in our PayPal account and in CSCart? (And a way to bypass the annoying “Pay and Create PayPal Account”?) Thank you so much for any thoughts, this has really surprised me after years of a perfectly operational store. [edit : currently using 4.12.2.SP2]

[edit : I now have some functionality back after removing and requesting new credentials. However, there is no link to pay with just debit/credit card as before, only way for user to checkout is to login with a PayPal account. Very confused. Also FYI, I am using payment method PayPal Express, with the express checkout template. I don’t mind PayPal and just want to get things back to the way they were this morning.]

[edit : really seems like everything is functioning on the cart side…would there be a setting somewhere in our PayPal account that I’m missing, might have changed, or would have something to do with the option to pay with their own credit card and not force a PayPal account to purchase?]

Good afternoon. After a vague response from PayPal about smart buttons and seemingly nothing changed with our cart, we still cannot get the “pay with credit card” to show during PayPal checkout as we had working properly just days ago. So, wondering about a simple Stripe question that has been asked before but not recently from what I see :

If I add a Stripe payment method using the stock cs-cart add-on (currently on cs-cart ver 4.12.2.SP2), will that keep us PCI compliant and out of scope for storing any data whatsoever?

Thank you for any thoughts.


Yes, Stripe payment method does not collect any credit card data into the store’s database, so it shouldn’t break the PCI compliance for your store.

Yes, thank you, just responding to the various posts to answer my question, also here :

Thank you again, CSCart! Still not sure why our checkout broke, but not spending any more time on it and already live with Stripe and seeming to go well.

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