Paypal currency


Im using YTL (New Turkish Lira) at my Cs-cart.

I want to use paypal for receive payment, but I have a problem.

For ex.

Total cart sum is 19 YTL, Paypal receives 19 USD. But 19 YTL is about 16 USD!

How can I re-calculate sum and send to Paypal?

This is the response from cs-cart helpdesk:

“Please let me explain. The currency you choose at PayPal configuration page must be the same as base currency set in your store. So, if you have EURO set as based currency in the store then PayPal currency must be EURO too, and same for USD.”

To bypass this we have made our PayPal mod.

Thanks for your reply. Ive worked on CS-cart files. And finally resolved problem.

CS-cart re-calculating the currencies anymore.

You can see at my site.

sorry, site only in Turkish.