PayPal Checkout

I’m implementing PayPal Checkout and it replaces two payment methods: PayPal method, and Credit Card method.
Is there any way to just display this one payment method on checkout without the big Payment Method selection box being displayed? It would make sense that IF only one payment method is available, to just show it - in this case, the PayPal Checkout buttons - instead of showing the big Payment Method selection box. That box looks pretty stupid on my checkout page.

So I can HIDE the Payment Method block from two out of three formats on the layout page - and the PayPal Checkout buttons will still display. That’s close, and tablet users will just have to suffer with the weird Payment Method selection box being displayed.

But… I still have two other problems:
The Venmo button will not display. (Venmo is selected as a Funding Source to show.)
The Place Order button ALWAYS displays at the bottom of checkout - and it’s confusing since it should never need to be selected/clicked. (When clicked it appears to default to PayPal payment, prompting the customer to log into PayPal.)
Even the Credit or Debit Card payment method has its own “Pay Now” button. How do I suppress the Place Order button on checkout?