Paypal Checkout

Paypal not carrying over the shipping address so we can make shipping labels

Is there a setting somewhere for this in the module, or code modification???


Yes, a custom mod is needed to carry out the shipping address. Please feel free to contact us here.

It should be part of the default add on. It was in the Standard PayPal before the new integration. Doesn’t PayPal use the address as part of their fraud protection?

This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed on CS-CART dime.
…any code fix for this Mr. CS-CART ?

I actually just got an unauthorized transaction. Since there was no shipping address in PayPal’s transaction details, I had to go ahead and refund because I am sure I would have lost the dispute and lost even more money in dispute fees.

Edit: Something else that is missing that the previous PayPal add on had was the response from PayPal whether the transaction was eligible for protection. Or if the customer is verified or not.

It’s seems @CS-Cart_team is on an extended vacation or something but please look into at least passing the address.

Make that 2 fraudulent charges for a total of $260 lost. Thank you CS-Cart!

I enabled 3D and that has stopped my fradulant transactions … I use Stripe though so can’t help with Pay Pal but assume it is similar.

Agree cs-cart seems to have stopped assisting, haven’t seen them help anyone for a while but may have missed it, it is a bit of a worry.

Slightly related => this is what they said about stripe billing address Billing Address not sent to Stripe Connect

I’m sorry that you faced this problem, and thank you for bringing this up. Even ability to make shipping labels in PayPal is worth implementing, but fraudulent transactions are a cause for even greater concern.

I’ll add “sending shipping address to PayPal” on our to-(investigate-and)-do list, with a higher priority.

P.S. We do keep an eye on the forums, but urgent problems are addressed much quicker through Help Desk.

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Hi @thetool, you can download the fix for free as a customer with past orders from us.


Glad to see you around again. You were MIA from forum for awhile.

Huge shoutout to @cscartrocks for providing the fix for sending the address to PayPal!