Paypal Advanced

Has anyone configured 4.1.3 for PP Advanced? I have tried and I am not having much success.

It is listed in the payment methods, but no matter how I configure it I can not make it work.

I can't find any information on the forums for it. Any help would be nice.

Have you tried the KB?

Maybe it can hep

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Looks like you not the only one

[url=“PayPal Advanced.. available to select but no KB article! - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums”]PayPal Advanced.. available to select but no KB article! - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

I have looked around but can't find anything. Even though Cs Cart it says it supports PayPal Advanced i don't think it does, maybe I am missing something.

I finally got PayPal advanced to work. I had to turn off the SSl certificate in admin/general/ enable secure connection in check out—no check mark.

Turning on the ssl for checkout makes sense, but turning off ssl in admin does not make sense to me. I always have ssl enabled for the admin with all the payment methods I have (Amazon, PayPal, PayPal express and remote cc processing).


You are right the SSl had nothing to do with it, PayPay tech support had to do something on their end and they got it to work. It does not work correctly but it works. I have no options to personalize the layout as you can specify this in PayPal manager. There are 3 layouts A, B and C and C is the only one that works. PayPal tech support said it was a Cs -Cart problem.

I like using PayPal Advanced for the $5 monthly fee it makes my site look more creditable. I used to send out invoices through PP but now my customers can enter their card info on line.

Does anyone have any information on getting this to work? I've entered the info for the credentials and according to payPal that is all that's really necessary. I have layout c selected in PayPal manager.

I get an error message that “Express is not setup”.