Paypal Advanced Payments Setup Help


I am trying to setup PayPal advanced payments and the instructions form CS-Cart are not clear.

Under technical details of the payment setup are:

Technical details

Merchant login:?
API user:?
API partner:?
API password:?
Test/Live mode:
Test Live

In PayPal they only give you this:

PayPal account:
my email address
Client ID:
Secret: EMgq_xxx

Note: There can only be a maximum of two client-secrets. These client-secrets can either be in “Enabled” status or “Disabled” status.

Created Secret Status Action Feb 10, 2022

Can someone tell me what exactly to put into the 4 inputs under technical details, none of my guesses are working, and CS-Cart please make the instructions more clear.

Appreciate the help in advance, using latest version of CS-Cart by the way.