Payments.manage Does Not Display

I am using CS-Cart 4.4.3 and have a trouble with the payments.?dispatch=payments.manage.

Our payements method are well set and are fully functionnal, but when I tried to access the page (?dispatch=payments.manage), nothing displays.

All other pages from admin menu are displayed correctly.

Check server error logs or enable error reporting. To do it opent config.local.php and replace

    ini_set('display_errors', 0);
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

It returns

Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "***/design/backend/templates/addons/paypal/hooks/payments/" on line 3 "_.paypal_processor_ids = {''|fn_get_paypal_processors|json_encode nofilter};" unknown modifier "fn_get_paypal_processors" <-- thrown in ***/app/lib/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 3

From what I can tell, /design/backend/templates/addons/paypal/hooks/payments/ doesn't exist in the default 4.4.3 installation.

It is, however, in 4.5.1.

In /app/addons/paypal/func.php look for:

 * Checks if payment processor is the one provided by the add-on.
 * @param int $processor_id
 * @return bool True if processor is PayPal-based
function fn_is_paypal_processor($processor_id = 0)
    return (bool) db_get_field("SELECT 1 FROM ?:payment_processors WHERE processor_id = ?i AND addon = ?s", $processor_id, 'paypal');

Right after that is what your error says it's missing:

 * Gets IDs of PayPal payment processors
 * @return array Processor IDs
function fn_get_paypal_processors()
    static $processors = array();
    if (!$processors) {
        $processors = db_get_fields("SELECT processor_id FROM ?:payment_processors WHERE addon = ?s", 'paypal');
return $processors;


Thanks The Tool. I replaced the func.php 4.4.3 by the func.php 4.5.1 and it seems to work now.