Payments depending on the product purchased

Hi at all!

I need help.

I've got CS-CART PROFESSIONAL EDITION and I'd like to know if It is possibile to select (and redirect) a paypal payment to a supplier depending on the products purchased.

My store (wedding list on line) has many suppliers with their own Items for sale and each supplier have to receive a paypal payment if a customer buys its products…

In the store, Is it possibile many payments for many suppliers?

Thank you in advance!


Hi webmarker,

This is not currently possible. Plus it would not be such a good idea, customers may think that you would be scamming them by using a different Paypal account every time they buy something.

And even if that was possible, you'd have to deal with a situation where the customer buys something from more than one supplier - you can't split the payment at the checkout and force the client to pay twice for the same thing.

I believe the best thing to do is to direct all the money to your Paypal account, and transfer the amount to your suppliers whenever an order comes up. If you don't want to do this manually, maybe the Affiliates add-on can help.