Payment without 2checkout, authorize...


I am exploring the possibilities of cs cart and I wonder if I buy it, in order to be able to receive payments, do I have to use services of sites like 2checkout, authorize, google checkout, etc… Is there possibility to receive payments independently using cs cart. Is there any possibility to have a store and not to pay fees on every sold to i.e. 2checkout?

Thank you.

Hello, lulo11!

CS-Cart is integrated with more than 50 payment systems by default. To familiarize yourself with the complete list of integrated payment systems, please refer to the following page of our website:

[url=“Marketplace features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor”][/url]

You will need to sign up an account in one or more payment systems from the list above and then enter your account details in CS-Cart admin panel. CS-Cart will use this data to accept credit card payments from your customers online.

It is also possible to configure CS-Cart for receiving payments offline, when a customer does not pay for products by credit card online but via transfer or by check, notifying the store administrator.

I got that but I asked is there any way to receive payment via credit card without paying fees to someone - or anyone selling on the internet is paying fees on every sold product?

[quote][color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]when a customer does not pay for products by credit card online but via transfer or by check, notifying the store administrator.[/font][/color][/quote] does it mean that when someone pays via bank I should manually credit him in admin panel? - if so, please send me a link to guide how to do that because I have trial 15 days panel and I would like to test it.

I also heard that the multivendor board is slow - is that true?

Thank you.

As far as I know, there is no ability to charge the credit card without using any payment gateway. But, probably, the fees depend on the payment gateway and may quite low.

Concerning the speed, let me assure you that CS-Cart has a high-speed performance. We have optimized the code and default CS-Cart works perfectly well with up to 500 000 products.

Concerning the negative comments about the CS-Cart speed, most probably the reasons are unique in each case. It maybe an old CS-Cart version, or a highly modified store (CS-Cart provides the full access to the source code and a CS-Cart license owner can make any code changes to it), or just a server with poor performance capacity.

We are sure that a site with a big number of products should be hosted on a real dedicated server with a separate database. We recommend hosting on a server with at least 1GB of memory, dual core, etc. (the more powerful the server, the better). In case you are planning to have 1 000 000 items for instance, it may require some extra optimization to allow your store to handle such number of products.

The trial version of CS-Cart Professional or Multi-Vendor is absolutely identical to the commercial version of CS-Cart Professional or Multi-Vendor except for the 30-day limitation of its use. So, you can check its speed before purchasing.