Payment with Stripe

Hi Everyone,

I am using the Stripe Connect addon provided by CS-Cart by default.
When I choose any payment method shown on the checkout page. It redirect to stripe checkout page with interface which payment method we use. But this functionality is achieved by the below code.It is possible ny the customization of the addon. Is there any way we can do same stuff with code or without code. So it doesn’t effect the code with the addon updates or cs cart.

if (isset($order_info[‘payment_method’][‘payment’]) && !empty($order_info[‘payment_method’][‘payment’])) {
$paymentType = strtolower($order_info[‘payment_method’][‘payment’]);

            if($paymentType != 'stripe connect'){
                if($paymentType == 'visa mastercard'){
                    $session_params['payment_method_types'] = ['card'];
                }elseif($paymentType == 'sepa'){
                    $session_params['payment_method_types'] = ['sepa_debit'];
                    $session_params['payment_method_types'] = [$paymentType];

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank You