Payment Splitting With Stripe Connect

I am not sure how the final money in the bank acount split is reached?

I ran a test transaction through MVE 4.13.3 using Stripe Connect

Order value $1.00

Vendor on plan of $0 monthly, 1.85% + $0.65 per transaction, cs-cart shows Marketplace gets $0.67 and Vendor gets $0.33 (happy)

Stripe shows

$1.00 less $0.32 cents in fee (presumably calculated as $0.30 + 1.75% as indicated for "payments" on the Stripe Australia fee page)

As the image demonstrates, Market Place gets $0.46 and vendor gets $0.22 cents .... how is that split determined? i.e. if vendor responsible for fee (which I thought was the case) then market place should get $0.67 and vendor $0.33 - $0.32 = 1 cent. If market place responsible for fee then market place should get $0.67-$0.32 = $0.35 and vendor gets $0.33. ... I can't see how the actual split of $0.46, $0.22, $0.32 is the case?