Payment Problems When Placing Orders Via Admin

Hi all,

I am trying to place an order within the admin panel and when I try to 'Create & Process Payment', it automatically takes me to PayPal rather than SagePay which handles my credit card transactions. This happens even when PayPal is disabled as a payment method.

Is there a way I can force this payment to go to Credit Cards?

Many thanks

Do you see section with available payment methods on the right side of the page ?

All I see on the right hand side is Create or Create & Process Payment. Under this is the status box. If I try to just 'Create', it sets it up but tells me that I paid via PayPal and if I try to process the payment, it only takes me to PayPal

It should be something like this

Definitely haven't got the payment box. I am unsure how to attach a screenshot but I essentially just have the status box and the shipping method. What do I need to do to make the payment box appear?

the payment box may only appear when you create the order and save it.

If you click add order you get this

then if you add customer and products you should see this

download screenshot software like "lightshot" if you want to share screen shots

Thank you, I will try to download this later.

In terms of saving it first, it still doesn't give me a dropdown. It gives me the same bold header titled 'Payment Information' but underneath it is text only (no dropdown)

Method PayPal

I did have some custom work done to this page to add Delivery Dates as we allow our customers to choose their own delivery date. Perhaps something was switched off by mistake which doesn't allow me the dropdown for payment methods.

Can anyone advise where I would look if I wanted to switch this option back on?

Many thanks

Looks like the system thinks that only PayPal method is available in the order management. It is required to examine issue directly on your server

Speak to whoever done the custom work

Try to disable 3rd party modules, clear cache and check

Strange, I have disabled the add-on and yet I still have no payment method showing on the right hand side. Can't be the custom changes then??

Attached is what I see

Also, PayPal is switched off as a Payment Method, the only option switched on at the moment is credit cards. So bizarre!!

Unsure if it helps or not, but this is what is in my payment_methods.tpl file. I can't see anything that suggests PayPal

{hook name="order_management:payment_method"}
{if $settings.General.min_order_amount <= $}
{if $ != 0}



{foreach from=$payment_methods item="pm" name="pay"}

{if $payment_method.template}
{capture name="payment_details"}
{include file=$payment_method.template payment_id=$payment_method.payment_id}
{if $smarty.capture.payment_details|trim}
{$smarty.capture.payment_details nofilter}
{elseif $settings.General.min_order_amount <= $ || true}

{__("text_min_order_amount_required")} {include file="common/price.tpl" value=$settings.General.min_order_amount}


I have finally figured out why it is doing it but I still don't have the fix.

A while back, I asked for help in allowing orders placed via Admin to not hit the minimum order and the advice given by eComLabs fixed this problem:

However it defaults to PayPal for orders under my minimum. I just tried to place an order over my minimum amount and the Payment Method box appeared.

Worst case scenario is that on the odd occasion I have to add items via the admin section, I can either leave it as it is and take payment via our retail card reader, or I can temporarily remove the minimum order value while I put the order through. Before I settle for this, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew a way I can have no minimum order via Admin AND have the payment method box?

Thanks in advance for all help received so far on my CS Cart journey.

Am creating an addon which takes a payment from the user. Not able to implement a payment page where it will show all the enabled payment gateways like "checkout.checkout". Please help.