payment methods depend on the country

I was trying to make the payment methods depend on the country.

example : if the buyer is from USA the payment will be cash on delivery, and if he is from outside USA the payment will be by PayPal.

please help …

You will need to use the Localization (not locations) feature which will allow you to specify for each payment method the localizations that can use it. You will also need to apply the localization to other objects like products, categories, pages, shipping methods, top menu and quick links. Search the forum for “localization” to get more information.


thank you for the replay jobosales …

how can I use localization??

I create new one but there is no option to choose the payment methods.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

After creating your localization, go to your payment method and you should see “Your location” selection - this is where you chose which localizations can use this payment methods.

Be sure you search the forums for “localizations” - there will be a lot of stuff missing in your storefront (e.g., no categories or products) until you apply the localizations to those objects.


thank you vary much I found it:p