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I have a payment method implented but it aint working since the last update.

When visitors choose the payment method iDeal they will get the option to select there bank. This select box has the name bank, but when i get to the php script that finishes the order the $_POST variable bank is gone?? Before i upgraded this worked all fine and now its broken. What has been changed?

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What version to what version? What is in your $_POST parameter? How have you implemented this? As a callback or transactional based payment method?

A bit more information:

I went from 2.0.15 to 2.1.0.

After this upgrade the payment method didn’t work any more.

People have to choose the payment method, when they choose for iDEAL they get the option to select the bank they use. When finishing the order the $_POST[‘bank’] variabel isn’t there any more like it used to be. I have searched for it using print_r($_REQUEST); etc, but the bank variabel is gone. This variabel is the ID of the bank that has to be used to setup the payment, without this variabel the system doenst work.

I think the payment method is a callback method. When the payment was succesfull then the order will be set to paid.


Payments and cart calculations have changed in 2.1. You will probably have to review your implementation and adjust accordingly. I can’t address your issue directly since there are potentially many causes for the problem you are experiencing. However, I would expect a payment method that worked in 2.0.15 (built correctly for cs-cart) would continue to work correctly in 2.1.

You might try upgrading to 2.1.1 since there are known issues in 2.1.0.

A link to your site might help too.

Sorry, i am already running 2.1.1.

Other paymentmethods are also using a view with options when they selected that paymentmethod. Like:

{* $Id: po.tpl 6645 2008-12-22 20:21:37Z zeke $ *}





Where does the info payment_info[position] go to? I need the bank variabel in my payment handler file.

The data is processed by the “checkout.php” controlller. This in turn calls the fn_start_payment() function. If this is a transactional payment method then the response will be received “in process” and then fn_finish_payment() will be called to update order status, apply payment, etc. If it is a callback type of payment method, the a redirect is done where the customer is notified that the order is being processed. And then…

Can’t help you beyond this. Suggest you contact whomever implemented the payment method for you. It will require someone to review what was done and compare that against the needs of the cart and the specs of the provider.

Please use “code” tags when posting html or php code.

I developed it myself. Someone has to now what has changed in the new checkout. The system used to send the $_POST variable to the payment controler but now it’s lost. Could a developer please reply.