Payment instruction on order success page

I tried searching the forum and couldn’t find an answer with google, so I’m asking for help here. Since I am a new cs_cart user, I apologize if I asked a question in the wrong place.

I am programming a new payment gateway with an API for leasing. The problem is related to “Payment instructions”. When installing the module, you can enter the “Payment Instruction” in the settings, which is displayed after selecting the appropriate payment method. And there you can explain to the buyer what will happen when he presses the order confirmation button.
But it’s too bad that the same instruction is shown in the successful order step, which is completely unnecessary there.
Is it possible, and if so, where in the settings to change the text of the successful order instruction?
CS-Cart version 4.16

You can use the My changes module to override the following file


As alternative, use the checkout:payment_instruction hook there

Thanks for the reply. I found the My Changes plugin and installed it, but I can’t find where the settings for this module are. Sorry for a maybe a bit stupid question… Where is the Addon My Changes settings?
To solve my problem, I created a new tpl to display the checkout instructions after selecting my payment module, which no longer show when the order is confirmed after receiving a response from the API. And I left the default “payment instructions” field empty. I don’t know if this is the right way, but temporarily my problem is solved.
But if there is another, better way to solve this, I will appreciate your advice. :slight_smile:

The module does not have settings out of the box. You can add them through the addon.xml file. Please note that it is required to reinstall the module then.

Please clarify it in more details

What is the main problem with the payment module?
The main problem is that the “Payment instruction” for which the text area is made by default is displayed both when the payment method is selected and in case of successful payment. I do not understand why it was done this way because it is not logical. If there is a textarea for “payment instructions”, then why is it displayed on the successful payment completion page?
Now you need to do some workaraund to display the “payment instructions” after selecting the payment method. And this default “payment instruction” field is completely useless…

To remove the instructions from the successful payment page, you should change the complete.tpl template.

I can edit manually it is ok. But how to edit automatically during payment module installation? For example in Opencart it can be done via OCMOD, or events. That’s mean there are possible add some code exactly to the template or other files using xml.

Include the hook in your add on.

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Ok thanks. I’ll try.