Payment Gateways For Marketplaces

Nowadays, all marketplaces are rapidly adopting payment options that can split the payment among multiple vendors. The concept is basically to split the payment between the vendors whose products are being purchased by the customer and the admin. This simplifies the payment for the online e-commerce marketplace payment process.
We will highly recommend this payment process for all marketplaces that have multiple sellers.
CS-Cart has some payment gateway add-ons that can split the payment between vendors. We at Webkul, have also developed some add-ons that can be used in a marketplace to achieve the above.
In the near future, we will be introducing some more add-ons that can be used in the marketplaces.
You can always reach out to us for any assistance or information for the payment gateway add-on for marketplaces.

Can you do one for Fastspring? we would be very interested to buy that as I am sure some others would, especially with the EU Vat issues caused by Brexit. Fastspring take care of all the MOSS vat requirements so it is a big deal for Uk companies in that niche


Thank you for your response.

It would be very interesting to develop such add-on for FastSpring. Kindly generate a ticket here and we will assist you with the best possible solution.


Webkul Team

What is the difference between your stripe connect payment gateway and the one that is currently in multivendor?

Hi there,
We are sorry for the late response.
The basic difference between our stripe connect and CS-Cart’s is that ours has integration of Stripe connect custom account whereas, the default CS-Cart has integrated Stripe connect standard and express account.