Payment Gateway Integration - Developer Needed!

Good morning,

We are launching an ecommerce platform: . For this we use "cs-cart".

We are looking for someone to integrate our payment gateway API called Paymongo.

Here is their API information:

Would be any developer available to integrate it for us? How much would you charge for it?

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Seems your payment provider requires you to collect and store CC data on your store. This is not the best method for payments. To prevent you from having to be fully PCI/DCI compliant, you should use a payment provider that provides you an API that uses a nonce token to represent the payment and uses iframes to collect the CC data from your client's browser directly to their site and then returns you a one-time use token to access the card.

But if you're intent on using that payment provider, we can certainly do the integration for you. Please provide your requirements and use the "Get a quote" link in my signature.


We have already released 20 additional payment gateways for CS-Cart.

Check the PM. We have sent you our offer.

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Feel free to contact us to get a quote for this integration