Payment Gateway For Asia Product


just let me know if someone have experience with payment gateway for asia country especially for thailand, indonesia and malaysia.

try to apply some of payment got rejected because our vendor from various country, already try bttpay got accepted but the limit for each product must up $50, omise got rejected because our vendor from various country

Hello, we have been on the market since the first CS-Cart release and integrated numerous payments including the Asian ones.

Is your payment integrated according to API ? Or have you tried a plug-in from CS-Cart marketplace

If you are using the ready-to-use marketplace solution, it might be a good idea to contact its developers directly. If you tried to integrate the payment by yourself, we could offer you a paid examination service, you can get a quote at

Our team is also at your service if you do not find ready-to-use solution

We have an add-on "NETS" payment for CS-Cart, but it's for Singapore, not Malaysia.

Try to find a ready-to-use solutions on marketplace. We have met BrainTree and Ipay88 payment gateways add-on that can help you.

In case you are not satisfied with the ready-to-use solutions, we can make an integration for you.

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