Payment Gateway Error in Sra Settlements

as I said in various previous post, we have been trying to integrate CS-Cart in our custom front-end.
For that, I have been trying to integrate the mobile app api (SRA) to checkout/finish the shopping proccess in our front.
The thing is, when I try to post a settlement (/api/4.0/sra_settlements) I get the following error:

Your order was refused by the payment processor. Please review your information and contact the website administrator.

And here is where I dont know what can I do.
I tried modifying a bit the code so I can input the user_id of the order issuer and kinda bypass the auth that was needed.
I know there is no documentation, but maybe someone tried something similar with this.
Thank you in advance.


What payment method you are trying to use?

Stripe Connect, so the body of the request is something like

13 is the id of Stripe Connect.
EDIT: Support told us to create the order via SRA Api too, but still did not work. They said something about Extending the Scheme, but I dont think its necessary cause Stripe Connect its there by default.

There could be two cases when you get such a result:

  1. There is no order with this ID.
  2. Payment was unsuccessful, please check the store’s logs for errors like these ones:
An error occurred when creating a PaymentIntent with the payment #[payment_id]: [error]
Unexpected status \"[status]\" of PaymentIntent

I hope it will help you.

Thanks, now we can see that is asking for a Token, but we dont know wich token is it.
We tried with both or API Keys and the session token, both yielded a 400 Status.

It seems like you need to get yourself acquainted with the Stripe Payment Intents API: