Payment By Reward Points - Need To Disable Promo Code Box

When inputing a promo code the "Points to use" box disappears which is good but we also need the reverse. When you input "Points to use", the promo code box needs to disappear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We are running CScart 4.1

Any input would help or direction to any sort of knowledge base. Thanks!!




The code below is located inside /templates/addons/reward_points/hooks/checkout/

{if $cart_products && $cart.points_info.total_price && $user_info.points > 0 && !$ } 

I can only assume there needs to be a change to the file below to reverse the statement and show no promo box when points are used either before or after the class "coupons-container"


{if $cart_products }
{if $cart.has_coupons} {include file="views/checkout/components/promotion_coupon.tpl"} {/if}
            {hook name="checkout:payment_extra"}
{/if} {hook name="checkout:payment_options"} {/hook} {include file="views/checkout/components/checkout_totals_info.tpl"}
  • {__("total_cost")}{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$_total|default:$smarty.capture._total|default:$ span_id="cart_total" class="price"}