Payjunction Instant PCI

Is anyone using PayJunction's instant PCI Compliance with CS-Cart? I just watched a video on their site where they demonstrate this function and it looks really neat. They use some kind of token feature that eliminates transmission of credit card data and takes the shopping cart out of scope for PCI.

Any feedback welcome!

I use Cre-secure for the same reason. I am interested in knowing what is the difference between Cre-Secure and PayJunctions process. What is the cost of PayJunction?

I use cre-secure (hosted payment page) with PayLeap. PayLeap still has me do monthly scans. Not expensive, but even though I use cresecure through Payleap, I sitll have to have to do the scans via Trustweave. Have not failed any. The annual questionnaire is simple since I don't store or transmit cc information.



I just signed up for PayJunction last night. They have a 30-day trial. I am currently using PayPal but am getting enough technical problems with them that I am looking for an alternative.

I was looking through PayJunctioin's videos page this morning:

and saw the one at the end about Instant PCI. The video gives a detailed overview of how this works. I don't know much about it yet, which is why I was asking here if anyone is actually using the instant PCI.

Are they also the merchant account provider or do you still have to have one yourself?

You can use them as just a payment gateway/virtual terminal I believe. However, since I am planning on leaving PayPal, I also need a merchant account, so that's what I signed up for.

If you go into the Payment Methods in the CS-Cart admin, it lists PayJunction as an option, so there is some kind of interface built into the cart. I'm just wondering if the Instant PCI works out of the box with CS-Cart or if there are extra steps required.

This page here would seem to indicate that CS-Cart supports the Instant PCI feature out of the box:

CS-Cart is toward the bottom of the list.

This is pretty sweet if it's true. The customer stays on your site for the purchase, but somehow PayJunction completes the transaction on their server and takes the merchant's cart out of the scope of PCI. If true, that's huge.

OK my PayJunction account got activated today. The first couple of sales went fine.

I did contact their help desk and found them very helpful and quick to respond. I asked them about Instant Compliance and they said that the feature is due to be released later this year. So currently merchants have to do the normal PCI Compliance stuff.

Initial impressions are very favorable. I'll try to remember to update this thread at least once more during the trial period.

payjunction you will find out that they charge two sets of fees the reason is they are just a gateway not the actual processor use to be with them