PayFlow Pro CVV and AVS Security Settings

Has anyone modified their PayFlow Pro configuration for CVV and AVS? By default CS Cart allows credit card transactions to PASS with street match, zip code match and CVV code match FAILING.

This is obviously not desireable and I have not found any settings for this.



Seems nobody new the answer to this question. Well, I now know the answer to be that one must pay for the addon service. $19.99 per mo. Kind of a crock but still better than using some of the free solutions as we get better CC processing rates by picking our own merchant account provider.


What add on service? Cs cart add on or payflow?

What's it called and why so they charge extra?

The Add on is a PayPal PayFlow pro and can only be activated directly through them. It is called Basic Fraud Protection. You can set up filters for AVS and CVV. You can have the system reject the transaction if the billing street address doesn't match or the zip code doesn't match or the security code doesn't match. There are various setttings for these. It is a must have IMO.

We have not yet had it activated since our website is not ready but we do use PayFlow Link on another website and it does have the filters.

They charge extra because they can and it is worth the extra cost. IMO

That is unfortunant. We use Payflow Pro with our ERP Software and will be using it on our website as well.

Sounds like someone needs to write a handler to fail the transaction if the CVV does not match. wish i knew how.