Pay with reward points

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to allow users to pay with points. I gave one user 5000 points and it just never appears anywhere as an option to use them or automatically reduce the order total. How does this add-on work?

I have allowed every product in my store to allow payments by points.

I have setup the store to give 10% of the product price in points ($10 item gets you 1 point).

I have setup the PER at 1 so 1 point = $1 (I think this is right).

At checkout, there is never an option for the user to apply reward points to the purchase

Hi I use points and have no issues yet, check to make sre in add on area the reward points add on is active then click edit and make sure the correct boxes are checked and should do it

Everything is setup properly, but no go. I would love to buy a license but this needs to get resolved before I can finish making my move to CS Cart.

I found the issue - users cannot only apply points on the View Cart page and not on the one-page checkout. This is a huge usability issue. Since I am actually using 3.0 RC I have posted this on the bug tracker there instead.

That's probably a 3 rc1 issue and you can expect it to be fixed in a next releaseā€¦

at least it works correctly in 2.x