Password protected categories

This is a for a client of mine. They sell sporting gear (jersies, etc) to local area teams. It would be just as simple as making categories for each team and the adding products to each category, but certain teams buy more than other teams and they get special pricing. She does not want each team to see what the other team is paying though.

I know, you could give discount codes for certain teams, but that will not work.

She mentioned another site where players pick their team and are required to enter a password to see the inventory. She wants that.

Does anybody know if it’s possible to add a password feature to categories?

Couldn’t you create a category for each team, create a group for each team, then allow only people in the associated group to view the products. Perhaps people could choose their group when they sign up. It’s not a perfect soultion, but it does work.

this is exactly what i want to do.


[quote name=‘pvein’]this is exactly what i want to do.


Literally as said

Create Groups Admin>Users>User Groups Create!

Create Cats Admin>Catalog>Categories> Create and assign to user group!

Assign products to category

you are 100% right


[quote name=‘pvein’]you are 100% right


That’s a rarity! Me being right LOL :rolleyes: