Passing Parameters To External Service Used For Pdf Creation

I need to define the margins in the pdf packing slips and can see that the external service is sent the following default parameters:

$default_params = array(

‘content’ => $html,

‘page_size’ => ‘A4’


I’m assuming it’s possible to control this aspect of the layout… Is there a guide to the use and list of possible variables to pass to this service?


the content is already sent via $html variable - it is compiled HTML of packing slip template.

for version 4.x please check file design/backend/mail/templates/orders/print_packing_slip.tpl

please note that when you edit TPL files, you should clean up the template cache to see the changes

best regards,

WSA team


I've made a number of changes to the layout, but am unable to affect the left and right margins that appear to be defined by the external service used to generate the pdf - Margins are 3cm left and right. I need to reduce this to 1.5-2cm.

Can I define/pass this as a variable to the service?