Passing Hidden Variable Form Tpl To Another Tpl

in admin panel i created a new order by clicking the “add order button” in view orders page…that new order contains four steps 1)products 2)customer deatils 3)totals 4)summary.

in customer detials page i created a hidden variable.i want to pass hidden variable value from customer_info.tpl to totals.tpl…in my customer_info.tpl that hidden value is assigned through jquery. i want to pass that value to totals.tpl,from totals.tpl to summary.tpl

(or) directly passing that hidden value form customers_info.tpl to summary.tpl

iam using cscart version 3.0.please help me

passing hidden variable from one tpl to another not form tpl to another…sorry for that wrong typing


You can simple add variable into the smarty include function

Here is the smarty doc: [url=“{include} | Smarty”]Search Results for "docsv2" | Smarty

You can apply to cs-cart:
{include file="file.tpl" var_name=$var_value}

I hope that helps,


thanks vali i tried this but not working properly can you expalin little bit brefily

You cannot pass variables trough pages using .tpl, you need to use .php