Passing email address over to Sagepay/Protx?

Current version: 1.3.4-sp3

Does anyone know the required code to pass the email address of the customer over to Sagepay/Protx during the checkout process?

At present all the other information (name, address, postcode, value, products) etc pass over, but the email address doesn't, which means that I'm not getting as good a security result back as I should.

Appreciate I'm running a very old version of cs-cart, but maybe someone knows?

Should be something like this in the SagePay/Protx payment file, which formats the URL in which details are passed to SagePay.

$post_encrypted .= 'CustomerEMail=' . $order_info['email'] . '&';

$order_info['email'] is the variable which stores the customers email address and is used to send the email address to SagePay.

Thanks for the reply, I already have this in the relevant file:

$post_encrypted .= "CustomerEMail=".$order_info['email']."&";

Does anyone know of a reason why it isn't passing this information across?

I guess it may be a bug which has been fixed in a more recent version of the cart. Not going to know until you have someone investigate the problem at your end and if necessary, upgrade to a more recent version which includes any possible bug fixes.