Pass Values To A Form From Link (Url)

Version 3.05


Have searched with no luck…

I want to use a link to a form within cs.cart and populate one or more fields of the target form:

<br />
<a href="/path/to/form.html?field1=value1&field2=value2">Enquire about this product</a><br />

```<br />
<br />
..and obviously for the relevant fields in the target form to be pre-populated with the values in the link.<br />
<br />
Even better would be the ability to set the selectedIndex of a select field in the target form via javascript...

As ever, resolved this myself…

My solution - rough n ready:

Pass the field name and variable in the link:


On target form 'page' in the 'description' field:



Thanks for posting the solution!