I don't know why I've never asked here before but we have a partners page on our blog. The idea is simple enough, if you become a partner we think about how we can help each other. It's nothing massive really for most part we just follow each other on social media retweet, like each other message when we see them. It's no big effort of cost. Here's the page if you feel it's something that will benift you AND you intend trying to help others too.

Partners Page - http://matchdaymemor…og/?page_id=800

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We have 600 likes on Facebook https://www.facebook…DayMemoriesShop

Ahrefs Rank 46

Google rank ? well that doesn't mean anything anymore but I think it was 2 or 3.

I'm not saying here the link will help your ranking, it won't hurt as it's nofollow and thats what we expect back. The benifit is in the social networking. If you think we can help each other just get in touch either here or using the helpdesk on our site.