Part shipping

Hi there…

Is CS-cart able to part ship… by that i mean be able to process an order and only ship part of the order. And create a dispatch note with only the items that were shipped and keep track in the store of the items sent and those still to follow?

Anyone got a reply to this?

The term I’ve seen elsewhere which fits what you’re describing is “split shipments”.

I haven’t seen anything in the app to manage splitting an order once it has been submitted… and we merchants need to be careful, if customer paid by cc we’re obliged to ship all goods paid for (or issue a refund for items not shipped) within 2 days.

Other posts I’ve read here, discussing “dropshipping”, mentioned setting up specific shipping methods, like:

“USPS MediaMail shipped from Warehouse A”

“USPS MediaMail shipped from Warehouse B”

and tagging select products with these (one of these ONLY) as appropriate…

…but I don’t know what happens when customer get to the checkout.

If customer has both a “Warehouse A” item in his cart AND a “Warehouse B” item, what happens (what is reported to customer?) when he attempts to select a shipping method for his order???


an example, today we took a large order that will be shipped internationally in multiple packages.

I want the customer to have a detailed break down and shipping info for each box.

Can this be dealt with in cs-cart?

CS-Cart does not provide this ability without modification. This is an area where the free Magento clearly outperforms CS-Cart and I wish the developers would take note.


I had this same problem and paid to have a solution custom coded for me. I had this made for 1.3.5 sp3, but it also worked for sp4. This won’t work for 2.0, but I have attached it anyways in case you want to have a look.

By the way, this was coded by topcoderpro. Since he is no longer active on the forums or even doing CS-Cart mods I hope it is ok to share this. If anyone has a problem with me sharring this mod, please let me know and I will remove it right away.


Well I guess I can’t add attachments in this part of the forum.

If you think the mod will help you, just pm me and I will send it to you.