Parent pages don't list child pages

Currently using 2.1.0 from a fresh install. I meticulously manually uploaded all my data to ensure information would not corrupt and or damage new structure.

Under the previous version, when creating “Pages”, it would automatically list links to child pages.

I’ve noticed that under this new version it no longer does that. ALSO, that includes “Links” that were created under a parent page!!!

Is that a BUG or an actual change in the program? I thought that was a good feature.

I just reported this bug.

Confirmed on the demo site.

The hierarchy still exists if you link to the tree via the quick links tabs, but the trees aren’t showing up in the individual page view.

Makes my FAQ organization completely worthless. This features needs to either be returned or at least made optional on a page by page basis.

Here’s the link to the bug tracker


Since 2.1 you need to create a block to display links to the subpages:

Block content: Pages

Filling: Child