Paid Requst: Needed Urgently Someone For Shop "health Check" And Minor Fix

Hi all,

My shop running on latest version of CS-ULTIMATE with VIVAtheme and we have 2 issues that's needs to be fixed. Tried to get help from the support at CS-CART but they seem to be too busy or taking their time....

anyway, these are the issues:

- Customers/visitors can browse products only if they are logged in. if not - they will get to the add new profile page with no option to see other pages.

In the settings -> checkout -> it is set to ALLOW shopping for unlogged customers.

Note that this issue happens only with the main store - while in - it is fine and guests can browse any page / product.

- The admin panel sometimes gets really slow (about 1-2 hours / day) and when it happens I get timeout error. this is not all day and it does not necessarily happens when there are a lot of visitors in the shop. actually it can happen when nobody is there beside me....

And a general health check would be great to make sure that all works smoothly.

any offers?


After a long weekend of struggling following ugrade that went wrong, with never ending bugs and visitors can't shop as guest I sent an email to the amazing guys at RetailFactory (in which I bought great addons from within the last few months) and asked for help.
I got a very quick reply to my email (which was sent late in the evening yesterday) with a super fair offer (price) and promise to check the issues the following day (today).
So they said, so they did. This morning, before my first coffee - I was so happy to see in the shop logs that they are there, and was even more happy to find out within 2 hours that the issue was solved.
Simple, honest, resposnsive, fair price and of course super proffesional.