Pagination Ajax Problem

I have problem in ajax that when i go to category page and there is pagination like below.

previous - 1,2,3 - next

when i click on the next or 2 button the url changes but ajax doens't reload the products on page 2, i want to know why ajax not working and how to fix it.

i tried below 2 ways also to check

1- I had refresh page after url changed and i can see the products of page 2

2- i had changed ajax class name from cm-ajax to cm-ajax1 after that when i clicked on page 2 the whole page reloaded and i can see products on page 2.

so difinitly the ajax not reloading products and i don't know how to fix it.

please help

Usually such issues are caused by 3rd party themes (incorrect HTML formatting, etc). So it is required to examine issue on your server

Need ti ckeck code. Maybe in js console some error.