Page Title:

Should I be filling in the box Page Title: ? I havent been doing it and was wondering if I should and how much info to put in there. I recently added a new product and did put the page title in and the tab that I had opened for it was aptly named the product in the Page Title field. I was told by my dev to only use that if the product name needed help. Should I atleast be copying the “Product name” into the “Page Title:” field? Thanks so much for your help!

If I am selling a fishing lure made by Salas Jig Company and the lure is called a DX. Should a sample page title be;

Salas DX jig, or would it be something more intricate?

You should always use the page title if you want good seo results.

It is the single most important element for page ranking in search engines.

Yep, what Mike said. I believe that is what the seo name is generated from. Put the name of the product in there.

Thank you so much I will get on that right away. Appreciate it.

The SEO is generated from the Product name and beware if you change the name because, SEO will not change unless you delete it and then it will generate again. I have been caught out by it when removing a weight/size from the Product name.