Page has both secure and unsecure parts yes/no

I put a html block on the right column, with just a link to an image. the image was called by the full address

I found that this popped up a message on ssl secured pages about parts both secure and unsecure. I have since reduce how the images is called to /ad_images/NcM_Logo_color-s.jpg

I was just wondering why one way way causing this and the other way was not.

Thanks for any lessons I can learn.

If someone is good at puzzles and understands about CNAMES and redirection, I have some questions.

Thanks all,

David DeWitt

It's because http is not secure. https is - same goes for images hosted on other domains (for example a G+ icon) - they should also be https.

If you do not use a domain in front of your image but just the path, it will know it's from your server and that it's secure if https is being used on that page.

Thanks Flow for the explaination. Makes sense. I guess this the reason we see this on a lot of web sites.