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Hey, I am testing out the CS-Cart Multi-vendor version. I found it to be an excellent system to be used as a marketplace system, and we are also a Vivashop theme. But there is one question that we need to solve before we decide to use CS-Cart as our system officially; we understand CS-Cart provides the WYSIWYG editor for building pages, but the vendor needs to be familiar with HTML, code, CSS, etc., to build pages for their microstore, this is one of the reasons vendors are not feeling easy to come onboard; furthermore, the CSS use might affect the footer or other areas of the site layout because there is no way to use the default HTML editor to build the page as a block so any changes in CSS is constrained to that block only.

To solve this issue, we need something more straightforward and easy to use, for example, Drag & Drop Editor​, page templates, as Elementor on WordPress, but limited to pages rather than a website.

I wonder if any readily available add-on can already do so or if someone can develop it.

There’s a Tilda integration add-on, which lets you build pages on Tilda and display them in CS-Cart. We’re using it and it works really good.

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Hello soft-solid,

I have recently checked out Tilda’s business plan and discovered that it is limited to 5 websites and 500 pages. I am unsure if this plan is suitable for use in a marketplace with numerous vendors and whether it can work with Vivashop Multi-vendor, which has its vendor home page and pages.

Essentially, I need a solution that enables us to present a set of templates for vendors to choose from to ensure uniformity across the marketplace.

I am unsure if an existing add-on can assist with this or if we need to hire a developer to create one.


I’m afraid that there is no such functionality as there is no support for language versions. We are currently working on extending this addon with language versions.

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