Padding Around Photos

There is a white padding around product photos (except product details pg). I would like to either make that the same color as the ground, eliminate the padding. I have looked in the design and tried to find the section to sfdjudty the golor but none of the choices work. It may be the css but I can'y determine which it is.

[attachment=12374:White padding around product.jpg]Any help appreciated.

White padding around product.jpg

It is probably the result of your using an image that doesn't scale to the thumbnail or size used in that context. I.e. if you have a detailed image of 100x300 and you use a thumbnail size of 35X150 then you'll end up with padding for the width because it doesn't maintain the proportion of the original image. That's the "why".

There is probably a way to specify the color to be used for the "canvas" but then that color would apply to all images.... So "how" to do this conditionally would more than likely require customization.

Thanks for the explanation. Can the customization be done with CSS or a Widget?

The canvas color would have to be implemented in the business layer (PHP code) when the thumbnail is created.