Owl Lazy Load Image Transition?

Is there a way to remove the image fading in when using the owl scroller (Lazy Load)?



lazyLoad: true,

lazyLoad: false,
Then clear cache

(!) Not tested

Sorry I wasn't clear more clear. I want the images to lazy load but I don't like how the fade in transition looks. I would rather remove the fade in so the image just loads without the fading delay. Hope that makes sense.

Try to add new parameter

lazyEffect: false, 

it should work according to their documentation


Thank you!

You are welcome!

Hello ,

I am using energot theme on my store there is default functionality

for lazy load images in theme but i want to disable it

i tried using above tricks but it didn't worked for me

please suggest me with the solution if anyone can

Thanks in adance

Did you try to contact theme developers?