Overriding subcategories.tpl

I have made some changes to this file and I want to override the

templates/views/categories/components/subcategories.tpl file

so I have added it to


cleared the cache with the help of this &cc&ctpl, but the changes are not reflecting, what am I missing?

Maybe other add-on also overrides the same file? In such case, the add-on priority matters.


Please also check file permissions.

And make sure that you use correct area (backend/frontend) and correct theme

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Oh, yes this point slipped my mind.

Thanks @soft-solid

Okay, I will do that @ecomlabs thank you.

I have another question I want to change some css and add new ones subcategories items.

What is the right folder to do this?


And how to override them? is overriding css is the same as any other file?

You need to find the proper CSS selector:

And use it to override this element’s CSS in the Theme editor’s Custom CSS.