Overriding Profiles_Info.tpl


I'm definitely doing something wrong, but to be honest I have no idea.

I am trying to override the template design/backend/templates/views/order_management/components/profiles_info.tpl. There is some information about customers that I would like to hide from vendors while they are viewing orders.

As with other templates I created the file /design/backend/templates/addons/my_changes/overrides/views/order_management/components/profiles_info.tpl, but this time didnt worked.

After some research I thought that I found the problem. The file profiles_info.tpl is called by two templates update.tpl (design/backend/templates/views/order_management/update.tpl) and details.tlp (backend/templates/views/orders/details.tpl) and maybe I would need to override it also to use the new path, however didnt worked also. Note, the file details.tpl was override before I decide to edit profiles_info.tpl, I have a custom code that maybe could be done throught hook, but I prefered to use override.

I know that the original files still being used because if I edit the original file, the changes are reflected in the production. I've exhausted all my ideas, so I don't know what might be going on. Has anyone overridden this file?

Have you cleared cache after the new override was added? Try to delete the var/cache directory from the file manager of the control panel of your server

Yep! Cleared the cache as usual! I am not sure but seems that there is something different with this file.

I triple checked the path for the file and is correct also.