Override Product Template

Hi, i want to override the template of adding and updating the product.
I followed the steps form the documentation and created the following directory to override default one


and default file is

When i install the addon the default template is overrided but nothing is displaying from the new template. as shown in the attachment. So can you guide me what i m doing wrong. Thanks

Please clarify what do you mean by "overrided but nothing is displaying ". No image was attached to your message

i mean nothing is on display on the product add page its blank. adding the screenshot again check it.

Screenshot from 2022-05-19 17-36-59.png

Please make sure that the following template structure is saved

{capture name="mainbox"}
{include file="common/mainbox.tpl"
    select_languages=(bool) $id

I added the same template as default one for product update and want to remove some of the hooks.

It looks like something is not removed correctly. Please do the following:

- copy original content to your file and make sure that it works

- remove necessary blocks one by one and check the result after each action

- do not forget to clear cache after each change

I did not make any changes in the template yet it is same as the original one. Also i am not able to override the hooks from the template. same response after clearing the cache.

I can see the overrided template in the debug mode and the changes are also visible can you tell me why is that not happening in the normal mode?

It is hard to answer on your question without detailed examination