Over-Use Of Ram

I have been having a lot of downtime on my site (3-4 times a day) in the past few days. It is caused by resource overuse which I noticed that is caused whenever I am logged in the admin panel. Once I log in, server RAM usage jumps to appx. 1.85GB, (with no other users on the site). At times, it reaches the 2GB limit, then starts overuse of I/O until this also reaches its limit and the site crashes for a few minutes. Any suggestions on what can be the issue or how to solve it?

Most complaints that I recall in the past was the stats in admin. Did you adjust the time span longer than 30 days?

Thank you for your feedback.

I don't recall this at all. Could you please be a bot more specific on where to find this?

I also noticed that once I try to enter the admin panel, the I/O usage on my server peaks (to the 6MB/s limit) and then, memory usage starts to rise. This leads to downtime for a few minutes until eventually the site recovers but the high memory usage remains as long as I am logged in to the admin panel.

There were similar complaints in the past due to the statistics in admin. From what I recall, the time span was set longer than 30 days.

[attachment=14623:Screenshot_2020-10-17 Administration panel.png]

Screenshot_2020-10-17 Administration panel.png

I cannot download the attachment :(

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