Over 25 seconds to get to Thank you page after placing the order in CS-Cart 4.16.1

After I upgraded to 4.16.1, I run into this problem at checkout.

When I click on the Place Order button, it takes over 25 seconds for the Thank you page to be displayed. After clicking the Place Order button, the AJAX block appears for only 2 seconds, after which the checkout page remains unchanged for over 25 seconds. I should mention that during this time, I receive the confirmation email and the order is displayed in the order management section from the admin area. I am still using the old checkout method.

Is there a solution for that?

Did you mean to say 4.16.1? When was 4.16.2 released?

My mistake, is 4.16.1

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Not sure if that’s a bug or just something related to your installation as I am running the same version and I haven’t experienced that myself. Hopefully someone will help you soon.

If by “old checkout” you mean the Step by Step checkout, CSC will not see this as a bug since the add on has been deprecated/removed.

I can only suggest looking at error logs or hiring someone to look into the issue.

By “old” checkout you mean step-by-step checkout?
If yes, this may be the problem since step-by-step checkout is an old functionality and most of the stores are using one-page checkout since it is much faster for customer.

On my local instance of CS-Cart, placing an order takes less than 10 seconds.

It may also depend on your SMTP provides, this may be the factor which is slowing down order placement. Try to disable e-mail notifications and check if it speeds up placing order.

Please contact us via Help Desk on this issue, so that we may investigate this directly in your installation.